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We increase your sales and reduce your costs with our e-commerce system, where you can sell your products online 24/7.

Thanks to our new generation Google SEO compatible work, e-commerce is no longer a challenge.

Thanks to our simple and easy-to-understand management panel, you do not need to spend long periods of time adding your products.

As Goral Yazılım, we aim to increase your earnings and availability with our special e-commerce web software.

What are the differences of GORAL E-Commerce Packages from other software?

* Lite, Professional, Corporate, Gold etc. We do not make your choice difficult with package options.
* All features are available to all Goral e-commerce users without limitation.
* The software is constantly updated and uploaded to all users' sites
* Thanks to its easy interface, adding products and selling is no longer a problem.

Our e-commerce system is extremely fast and reliable because it is prepared with PHP + MySQL infrastructure.

For our current reference list, please contact us

Goral International Trading Ltd.
Flat 1 1A Oak Grove, Serissa House NW2 3LS
London / United Kingdom
Company No. 15735911
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